2 January 2017

When I wake up at 6:30 the wind has dropped but it’s still overcast, by 7:00 the clouds have cleared, by 7:30 its cloudy again.

Today we are moving on to the big smoke – Wellington and need to vacate by 11:00.  But first we do one more walk along the beach, one of the first things we notice is that the rough weather has cleared all the wood debris.  The other thing is the millions of pippy and clam shells heaped up in swaths along the beach.  We have never seen deposits like this before.

Swaths of shells

Before I leave i indulge in one more shower in our tiny bathroom.  One of the really cool features of the glasshouse is the glass door that opens straight from the shower onto the wrap around deck.  So you can have a nice warm shower whilst enjoying the crisp beach breeze.  And it has an amazing view!

Shower with a view

We figure our time here is over when the cleaner shows up at 11:00 sharp to clean our room.  From here is a leisurely 40 minute drive to central Wellington where we will stay the Museum Art Hotel for the next two nights.  Not surprisingly given the name the hotel has a large collection of interesting paintings and sculptures through the lobby and other public areas.

Museum Art Hotel
Man & Letterbox Scultures
Metal Bull Sculpture


Luckily they have a room ready for us, we even get a “complementary upgrade” to a small “apartment” #512, and we can deposit out bags.

Museum Art Hotel # 512

All we need to do now is return the car to Hertz.  Luckily we are able to deposit the car at a depo close to the hotel rather than having to go to the airport.  But before we do we check out Oriental Bay, renowned for its cute wooden houses and Mt Victoria the highest point in Wellington to check out the view and get a feeling for the city.  Mt Victoria quiet a drive but well worth the effort.  There is nothing standing between here and the Antarctic and its very windy at the lookout.

View of Wellington from Mt Victoria

With the car delivered we head to Cuba Street on foot.  It’s a public holiday again today and many of the shops are closed, but there are lots of people around.  We decide a soup is called for and select KK Malaysian Restaurant for a late lunch.  I’m pleased to see Asam Laksa (I discovered the delights of this dish in Penang last year) on the menu and H orders his usual BBQ Pork and Wonton Soup.  Cheap, cheerful and tasty – just want we wanted.

After lunch we wander down to the waterfront, where it is cool and gusty, and slowly make our way back to the hotel for a well deserved rest.

When H wakes from his nap we venture outside for dinner.  We have quizzed the concierge about the best seafood restaurants (H is keen for some lobster) but it appears that just about everything is still closed for the Christmas break.  We wander the streets grab a drink at a bar, then wander around for a while until we settle on another Malaysian restaurant called Papa Satay House in the street behind the hotel.  Prawn sambal for me and Nasi Goreng for H.  Nice and warm and tasty.

I have noticed an excessive number of Malaysian restaurants in Wellington, I wonder why? Not that I’m complaining I wish there were more back home is Brisbane.

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