The Wellington Cablecar

4 January 2017

As I write this on the flight back to Brisbane I think that there are definite similarities between Melbourne and Wellington.  Weather wise at least.  Melbourne is famous for its changeable weather and today we have experienced the same in Wellington. The morning was cold and overcast, the later morning warmed up enough to shed my jumper, after lunch the sun was shinning down to encourage swimming off the wharves, by 3:30 when we were boarding our plane it was heavy rain and strong winds!

After breakfast of a sausage roll and savory muffin at Pandora Bakery we check out and walk uptown to Cable Car Lane to take the cable car up from Lambton Quay to Kelburn.  We are in luck and it’s a lovely bright day – perfect for a few scenic photos.

Boarding the Wellington Cable Car
Cable Car Museum
Spitting is also discouraged
View from the top of the cable car

Back down the hill we head back to the Queens Wharf to the Crab Shack for lunch.  Crab Shack at Shed 5 is a sea shaddy styled casual restaurant specialising in, guess what? Crab.

It’s a big disappointment when H has to send his Lobster Claws back to the kitchen cause they are so dry.  I’m usually not one to complain but I agree the meat in the claws are very, very dry and if you are paying $45 you expect more.  On the positive my “scoop” of clams in white wine and garlic sauce are a treat – although I think the serve is on the skimpy size – 8/10th shell 2/10th meat.

Crab Shack
A scoop of mixed clams

We are running out of time so all we can do is enjoy the sunshine (while it lasts) on our walk back to the hotel to collect our bags and Uber to the airport for our Virgin 16:15 flight home.

View from the waterfront
A few brave soles having a swim

Oh, and I’ve got us another auctioned upgrade.  Minimum bid and here we are – up the front enjoying the modest luxuries of Virgin Business Class.  Happy flight home.

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