That Wind from the West

Tuesday 27 December 2016

A great night’s sleep and another glorious morning. Over breakfast we finalise our plans for the day, but by the time we get back to our cottage there is a fierce wind blowing.  A quick change of plans and we bunker down in the cottage for the morning, reading and playing Scrabble (I win of course).

Early afternoon we head out to a couple of the local wineries for a tasting.  First stop is Martinborough Vineyard – we skip tasking the Sav Blanc’s (yuck) but enjoy the other wines on offer.  We have a lovely chat with the lass behind the counter and H interrogates her on the best place to buy a pie.  Then at 2:30 we go to Poppies for lunch – unfortunately the testing room is packed and the only table available in the restaurant is outside in the full sun (it is still to windy to put up an umbrella).  We decline and decide to find the Clareville Bakery to have an award-winning lamb and kumera pie (and a steak and cheese pie, and a sausage roll) for a late lunch. Pretty good but not life changing.

We venture further and check out Masterton – which seems to be the largest town in the area – it’s even got a McDonalds and Burger King (on opposite corners of course).  On the return trip home we buy the makings of a light dinner and head home.

Miraculously at 6:30 the wind suddenly stops and peace is returned.  We dine alfresco in the long, serene twilight on all local produce – baguette from Clareville Bakery, cured salmon, hot smoked mussels, cheese, eggplants and cashew dip and olives.  All washed down with a bottle of local wine of course, a Margrain Chardonnay.

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