Sri Lankan Breakfast

11 May 2012

What can I say?   Yummy!

Chandana’s special breakfast

We have been trying to get hoppers and string hoppers since we got here.  We have been asking for them at night and we finally worked out that it is a breakfast thing.  So we asked if we could have them for breakfast at the Villa.  Chandana our chef is delighted to cook them for us, but they take quite a bit of preparation so we have to wait until the following day.

So on our last day at the Cove Villa  we sit down to a fancy version of Sri Lankan breakfast.  String hoppers with curry, coconut sambal and fried onions.

String hoppers are like thin Vietnamese rice noodles, make from a rice paste, pushed through a sieve to make “string”. This is made into pancake sized cakes and streamed.  They are served with a delicious vegetable curry sauce, a coconut and chili sambal and fried onions which are very spicy, flavored with cardamon, clove, cinnamon and chili flakes.

String Hoppers

Absolutely delicious!

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