Friday 21 October 2016

Yes! H has his new passport, has a flight booked and will be joining me this afternoon!  I’m estatic.  As much as I have enjoyed living my own agenda the last couple of days, having someone special by your side to enjoy the small things is much, much better.

It’s another drizzly morning and it has rained for most of the night.  Down at breakfast the adult only section is closed and so I’m given table in the middle of the restaurant teaming with lively, boisterous families.

One of the charming features of the Warwick Hotel is the live music.  Yesterday a small band played by the pool for an hour and today a group of employees – waiters, cooks, pool and reception staff gather together and sing a lovely traditional song, accompanied only by a guitar.  You can tell that they really enjoy singing and entertaining the diners by their huge grins.

Most of the morning is drizzly but it clears by late morning, I slaver myself in sunscreen a go for a long snorkel.  As it is high tide I can expand my range and see an even greater variety of sea life than previously.  I wish I had a waterproof camera!  Just as I’m heading in a large school of near transparent fish (about a foot in length) calmly allow me to swim along the beach with them.  Fabulous.

I still have a few hours until I expect Howard but I head to the foyer anyway and wait.  I’ve arranged for Junior to also transport H to the resort.  Junior lucks out today when he gets H to pay him in cash and I pay through the hotel as well.  Ripped off!  But I’m so happy to see my darling that I just don’t care.

I give Howard a brief tour of the hotel grounds, have a drink at the Club Lounge and then go to dinner.  Tonight they have the special lovo buffet.  Lovo is the traditional feast cooked in the earth, in a lovo pit (Kiwi’s call it a ‘hangi’). Very yummy.

Together again – happy Janet.

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