Mirissa – Katie’s Little Bit of Paradise

12 & 13 May 2012

Mirissa has everything you could possible want in a beach. Soft clean sand, beautiful curved beach, palm trees, sultry water, gentle breezes, little chilled out beach shacks serving ice cold beer and fresh seafood, friendly locals and a little bit of exotic mixed with a back packers lifestyle.

Mirissa Beach

Yep, Mirissa all that and more too.  Thank You Katie!

After we left Hikkaduwa yesterday we paid a brief visit to Galle and visited out 3rd world heritage site of the trip (Sigirya and Dambulla are the others) the Galle Portuguese fort.  Those Portuguese must have been paranoid cause those fortifications are really really thick. Impressive, but we have seen better in Portugal.

Galle Fort
Galle Fort
Street market
Matara Beach – pulling in the fishing net

We move on and find the Paradise Beach Club at Mirissa where we are staying for 2 nights – our room over looks the pool and the beach just beyond.  The bathroom floods, the air-conditioner rattles loudly in the back ground, the food is nothing to rave about – but these things only add to it’s laid back beach feeling.

Mirissa Beach
Surfs up

After we check in and have a quick dip in the surf we wander up the beach for lunch.  We have not been here for 2 hours and already Howard has been offered some weed.  I shake my head in amusement. How does he do it?

Next morning a coconut tree climber was here displaying his skills.  He climbed the 50 feet coconut tree, more agilely than I climb a set of stairs.

Coconut tree maintenance
View from our balcony

After breakfast (I’m even having curry for breakfast – can’t get enough of the stuff – I think I’ll be doing lots of Sri Lankan curries when we eventually get home) Joseph took us on a short trip to visit Matara to invest in some of the local booze made from coconut milk called “arrack” and the little local fishing harbor around the headland.

Mirissa Boat Harbor
Sorting out the nets

After another quick dip we go to Little Creatures Bar for lunch, upon Katie’s recommendation where we have more curry for lunch.

Rice and Curry and Devilled Prawns
View from Little Creatures Bar

Our last planned activity of the day is a yurveda massage. This is done  by a wirey old man with hands like leather. The massage involves dousing us with about a gallon of brackish, smelly oil (which I can only assume was coconut oil with herbs).  Its an interesting experience, but not to be repeated.  It took about two bars of soap and all our supple of shampoo to get it off us.  I’m sure the oil is good for our skin, but I’m even more sure we resembled a couple of greased pigs afterwards while sitting on the beach.


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