It’s a Grey and Windy Welcome to the New Year

Sunday 1 January 2017

We wake to a cold, grey, rainy, windy day and it stays that way all day.  The sky and sea are so grey we can’t tell when one stops and the other begins.

How dismal is this?

Howard makes a dash for it and goes to the Patisserie and buys a couple of delicious, soft, buttery croissants for breakfast and then settle in for a quiet day indoors. By late morning H has got cabin fever (that didn’t take long) and we decide to go for a drive up the coast to look at a Mauri church at Okati.

Rangiatea in Otaki
Rangiatea in Otaki

Rangiatea is a lovely timber building originally built 1851, destroyed by fire 1995 and replicated in 2002 including 76 tukutuku panels.  Alas the church is closed (open for viewing Monday to Friday) and it’s raining so I can’t even get any decent shots of the exterior. So its back in the car and head back the way we came to Waikanae where I have read the Old Beach Bakery has good pies.  When we eventually find it, it too is closed. Not having much luck here!

OK, lets go to Coastlands Shopping Centre and see whats on at the cinemas (what else do you do on a wet public holiday?), but there are no movies we are interested in showing in the next 4 hours.  So, we just resign ourselves to going home, eating leftovers and watching the wind and rain for the rest of the day.

By 6:30 we have done all the chilling we can handle and go and try and find something open for dinner.  After doing a full circuit of the surrounding restaurant’s we return to Waterfront Restaurant for a drink in their Tiki Bar and then grab a takeaway burger from Wisconsin Burgers.  Very good burgers – why don’t we have these back home?

Not the most auspicious start to the New Year.

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