Homeway bound – Singapore stop over

Thursday 10 October 2013

We wake up refreshed and hit the buffet breakfast in the Rex Hotel – devine.  This is my last change to dine on the delectable treats of Vietnam.  After we are gorged ourselves we head out into the steamy day to walk off a few calories.  A bit of window shopping, dodging hawkers and dancing in the traffic we have to grab our cases from the hotel and taxi back to the airport for the quick flight to Singapore where we are staying one night before flying back to Brisbane on Friday.

I manage to buy a couple of bargain shoes at the airport – tick – that completes my shopping list.  When we get into Singapore it is late afternoon and a huge storm hits as we are in the taxi to the hotel.  We are still seeking a hotel in Singapore that we want to return too. Alas we have not found it yet!

This is a particularly strange hotel in a weird backstreet near Clarke Quay.  The room is a strange L configuration but its clean and comfortable and only for 1 night.  We settle, chill for a bit (waiting for the rain to stop), then head out in a taxi to Little India.

Wow … talk about electric wonderland.  I don’t know if its for a festival or its like this all the time but the place is lit up like christmas.

Events - 2347


Little India
Little India

We wander around uselessly hoping to come across a fabulous looking restaurant but ti now avail, we have no clue.  We find a restaurant (Indian of course), grab a table and end up have a cracker of a meal.

Alas, back to Brisbane tomorrow, back to reality, back to housework, back to cooking, back to work!  Boo Hoo!




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