Moce Mada Fiji

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Today with mixed feeling we have to leave our little bit of paradise.  LikuLiku is amazing – the accommodation simple but luxurious, the food fabulous, the service amazing.  Everyone has been so relaxed, friendly and yet efficient at the same time. On the other hand I’m keen to get back to civilization and get some drugs to combat my bronchial sinus infection (as diagonosed by my doctors back in Brisbane).

So after a early morning walk along the beach, a quick snorkel and another fabulous breakfast we pack up, say moce mada (goodbye in Fijian) and wait for the 11:00 ferry back to the main island.  Then a taxi to the airport and flight home.

Waiting for the ferry

We have vowed to ourselves to come back and do it “properly next time”

  1. Arrive together (no passport issues)
  2. Helicopter or seaplane direct to Likuliku
  3. Stay for a week
  4. Don’t be sick and enjoy a few day outings (fishing or diving or hiking or sunset cruise)

The whole trip home via ferry, taxi, plane and taxi is rather eventful but for two things.

Firstly we run into the couple Howard met on his flight to Fiji – a lovely couple from the Sunshine Coast.  They have spent the whole time getting into the kava and by the sound of it having a blast.

Secondly I suffered from the most horrendous ear ache on the decent into Brisbane which lasted an agonizing ½ hour.  I could not hear anything for quite awhile after we landed and I thought I had ruptured my ear-drums.

Note to self NEVER EVER fly again with a head cold / bronchial sinus infection.

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