11 May 2012

Today we are on the move – heading south.

This morning said goodbye to our friends at the Cove Villa and set off with Joseph heading south towards Mirissa – the beach made famous by our friend Katie.

The driving experience is less hair-raising than the Sirigiya expedition.   The roads are better, and there are more cars and less motor bikes and tuk tuks.  Or are we becoming desensitized?

Another 5 1/2 hour trip (it takes about 2 hours to get through Colombo) we get to Hikkaduwa. We are staying here for 1 night.  Joseph stops at the Coral Rock Amaya Hotel.  After a quick look around Howard negotiated the price from US$160 to US$100 for a sea-view room with breakfast.  Nice work Howie!

Coral Rock Amaya sea-view room

Its low season and Hikkaduwa is deserted.  Out 4 pm lunch is in a beach side shack – grilled prawns and chips and a beer.  Lion Lager is the beer of choice. And not a bad drop either.

Later when we are having dinner at the Red Lobster, down the road from the hotel, which has a big PIZZA sign our the front (but no pizza on the menu) dining on our favorite – rice and curry – veggie for H and chicken for me (actually i think it was a old scrawny rooster).

Not much happening in Hikkaduwa, it was very badly hit by the tsunami, and a train was hit by the wave and destroyed killing 1,700 people. The greatest death toll from any railway disaster. There are still lots of ruined buildings. So very sad.

On a brighter note, Howard has met a fella that offered him a massage and “giggy giggy” for $50 (H ways he was very tempted but only had a $10 budget).

Hikkaduwa sunset

2 thoughts on “Hikkaduwa”

  1. So glad your making it down south!
    Enjoy the sun in Mirissa, Its freezing down in Melbourne, so much so that I have to do a full winter shop today.

    Visit Watercreatures (say hello to Harsha), visit Surf Sea Breeze, and vist my place just behind. There are often boys playing cricket in our backyard by around 4pm. And finally have an Arrack Attack! yum yum.

    Keep enjoying lanka and the roads!

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