Colombo International Airport Confusion


8 May 2012

Word of warning to those intending to travel to Sri Lanka.  Be patient!

After suffering a bumpy flight from Singapore,  Howard & I arrive at Colombo International Airport.  We are tired but excited to finally arrive.  As we walk down the steps onto the tarmac we look at each other and say in tune “Welcome to Sri Lanka” with smiles on our faces.

Five minutes later we are not smiling, as we are packed into a un-airconditioned bus with 80% of the people from our flight (the other 20% are on the bus right behind us).  It’s hot, it’s humid, the bus reeks of diesel fumes and B.O. is starting to kick in.  Oh to be on that 2nd bus!

Eventually they drive us to the arrivals and we line up in the passport control and after a lengthy wait we are ready to proceed. But wait! We are told that we need a visa.  Oh Katie, why did you not warn us, what? That’s right you did!  Go back over there and get your tourist visas, we are told with smile and a laugh. After a very lengthy wait we get our visas and go back to wait in the now very long passport control line (2 more flights have now arrived).  We of course pick the slowest line and after a very, very lengthy wait, are just about the last to be processed

Lets get our bags and get out of here.  Where are our bags? It’s taken so long to get processed we can’t find them.  No there are more carousels around the corner, yep there they are sitting by themselves in a corner.  Thank the gods! After all, we are in Sri Lanka and there are lots of different gods here.

The duty free is very tempting, we could not decide if we wanted a fridge, washing machine, air conditioner or tv.  So to avoid an argument we

decide against a quality white-good purchase.

Without any further drama we find and our driver and escape from the Colombo International Airport.



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