Boxing Day in Martinborough

Monday 26 December 2016

As we had an early night we also up early morning, have a cup of tea in bed and then go back to sleep.  At about 9:30 we rouse ourselves and head to the restaurant for the included breakfast.  It’s a glorious day – much warmer than yesterday – perfect weather to explore Martinborough and the surrounding area.

Al fresco breakfast

Off to town we go on foot, first stop the tourist information centre.  Martinborough is very easy to navigate as it is laid out in a grid, centred around the main square.  Many of the buildings are original from settlement and we love the old, ornate, wooden buildings.  H wants to visit Ata Rangi so we continue our walk 1 km out of town, only to find it closed!  Oh well – let’s put it down to good exercise.

Back at the town square we stop in at the Martinborough Hotel for a cool beverage.  Its surprisingly hot and we are parched!  The Hotel restaurant looks promising so we make a reservation to return for dinner.

Martinborough Pub
Historic building in Martinborough

Walking back to Peppers I figure we have covered about 6 kms.  My feet hurt!

Road back to Peppers

To explore further afield we grab the car keys and head to nearby historic Greytown. Unfortunately, being Boxing Day, Greytown is pretty much closed.  We do a lap of the main street and seeing some interesting shops and cafes we resolve to return in a few days when everything should be open again.


One of the few cafes open is the French Bakery and we have afternoon tea.  Back to Martinborough via a scenic back roads and we are ready for a cup of tea and a few hours chilling on our little terrace before dinner.

The Martinborough Hotel is a grand old hotel that has been fully renovated and extended.  The sun is still high above the horizon when we are seated at 7:30 in the charming dining area.  Alas, the food is average and the service poor.  Have you ever felt that you are seated in the black hole in a restaurant?  That dreadful spot that the staff constantly rush past but never look down to notice the empty glasses, the dirty plates, the lack of water, the desperate look in your eye. Yes, we were in that spot.

At least it’s a lovely night, we don’t even need a jumper. Funny that, the weather forecast was for cold weather and I’ve packed lots of cold weather gear. Typical!

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