Thursday 24 April 2014

Today we head back down the coast to Auckland.  Its an uneventful, and dull drive.  Looks like our lovely weather has finished.

Back in Auckland we drop off the hire car at an out of the way place on the outskirts of the city. We then grab a taxi to the Stamford Plaza in Auckland.   We ditch our bags and head down to the Viaduct – its the end of the Bluff Oyster season and we are on a mission.  Its mid afternoon and pretty quiet, we end up at Mecca, one of the few restaurants with Bluff Oysters still in stock.

Ooh yeah!  Nom nom nom.

Bluff Oysters
Bluff Oysters

We have decided on a healthy dinner and are going for Japanese.  But first we need to check out a few of the local bars.  We end up in a swinging Japanese place on a side street between Queen St and Albert St called Kushi.  The food is great and the sake is even better!

So much for a healthy dinner – it was mostly liquid.



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