A Wet Day in Wellington

3 January 2017

We have a good sleep in and then head to Pandora Bakery for breakfast.  H is not impressed with his porridge (which seems to be missing all the yummy additions and just a huge bowl of overcooked oats).  However, my smoked salmon and cream cheese is yum yum yum.  Returning to the hotel for an umbrella we head out into the cold and raining day.

We head for the shopping district of Lambton Quay and I’m motivated to finally get a raincoat that we have been discussing for years.  I need one for travelling, but there is not really any need for one in Brisbane as the rain normally comes in the form of vicious storms that quickly pass.  However, the Boxing Day sales are still on and at Kathmandu I pick up a stylish rain resistant coat $500 discounted to $150.  Winning!

At least I get a chance to use my new coat in the rain for the rest of the day.

I navigate us down to the waterfront (in the rain), through the various wharves (in the rain) and up to Cuba Street (in the rain) for a late lunch of sushi, udon noodle soup and sake at Origami. Then back to the hotel (in the rain).  Perfect nanna nap weather.

Before dinner we investigate the hotels cocktail (thats a weird word isn’t it?) bar and restaurant – Hippopotamus.  The bar has a lovely view of the harbour and we indulge in a couple of overpriced drinks before hitting the street, luckily the rain has stopped.

Hippopotamus Bar & Restaurant
View from Hippopotamus Bar

Back to Cuba Street (yes again) to Scopa for pizza, salad and red wine.  I give Scopa the tick of approval, our Rustica pizza is thin and crispy and delicious.

On the way back to the hotel we stop at BP to grab an ice-cream and admire the pie selection.  On more than one occasion we have been told the pies at BP are pretty good, we have yet to test the theory but I can attest the selection is impressive.

On our final sprint back to the hotel I note the definite chill which penetrates my coat and scarf and ponder with Howard “If this is summer, what’s winter like?”.

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