Rookey error

8 May 2012

Everything was going so well for the first leg of the journey!

Check in at Brisbane airport went smoothly, business class, no waiting, straight through security and passport check, into Emirate lounge, sipping on Verve Cliquot champagne and nibbling on the potato rosti and smoked salmon.  Onto the plane, in our section we were the only 2 in the 14 seat section.  Got a good nights sleep (well a reasonable sleep anyway, 3-4 hours of disturbed shut-eye), movie, breakfast, landed in Singapore.  No problems.

At Singapore we were changing from Emirates (our favourite airline) to Sri Lankan Airlines.  Oh no, we only checked our luggage as far as Singapore and not all the way to Colombo, Sri Lanka.  What were we thinking!  So instead of just getting off the plane, checking out the shops and grabbing a few quality hours of sleep in the airport hotel, we had to embark on our first unscheduled “adventure”.

Collect luggage, go through passport check, leave terminal 1, work out what terminal we need to check back into, travel to terminal 3, find checkin isle, check in!  What?  The counter does not open until 12 noon (our flight is at 3:00).  What time is it now? It’s not even 9 o’clock.  What the hell are we going to do for 3 hours with our 2 overpacked suitcases, backpack, handbag and various other items.

Ok, lets find where we can leave the luggage and go to downtown Singapore. After a few false starts we get out ticket an board the super efficient and clean train to “City Hall” and straight into the Raffles City Shopping Plaza.

Most of the shops were not open yet, but we found the food court (yep the food radar is working correctly) and had a yummy 2nd breakfast (egg roti and curry gravy – for breakfast? – absolutely) and then back onto the train, back to terminal 3, to check back in at 12:00. The counters were open, but they had no luggage tags, so we wait (again).

All is not lost as we snag an exit row seats, so that Howard’s got some leg room.  Great, how long to go?  1 1/2 hours to boarding.  We head to the hotel to grab an hours sleep (I’ve paid for it already) and a shower (Singapore was swealtering).  This goes according to plan and before we know it we are tucked into bed for a 1 hour speed nanna nap.  At last things are back on track!

Yep, it was a rookey mistake.  One that we will personally not be making again.